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In 2007, Pathwork helpers Lynnie Jenkins and Mary Van Vliet started with Pathwork of Southeast Europe in Serbia through continuous individual and group work and workshops.

So far, support and help to student-helpers team was also given by other Pathwork helpers worldwide: Barbara Azzara (Pathwork California), Maria Van Eyken (Pathwork Belgium) and Chieko Kanaya (Pathwork Japan).

Under the auspice of the Association Pathwork Southeast Europe and since 2011, a group of 9 helpers* is organizing workshops and is available for individual and group work in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sombor, Rijeka (Croatia):

1. Aleksandra Petrović - Pathwork Helper
2. Atila Schroeder - Pathwork Helper
3. Jelena Pavić - Pathwork Helper
4. Lidija Živković - Pathwork Helper
5. Majda Škoda - Pathwork Helper
6. Slađana Levi - Pathwork Helper
7. Sanja Mašanović - Pathwork Helper
8. Vladislav Stefanović - Pathwork Helper

You are welcome to contact us in case you are interested for the work.

Contact Representative for Serbia(Serbian,Hungarian&English language)


The Pathwork is a series of 258 Lectures channelled to Eva Pierrakos between 1957 until her death in 1979. The being (known only as the Guide) who channelled these inspiring lectures would give no details about itself, but rather asked those who heard and read the lectures to test their validity and relevance against their own reality. Read more...


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